PhotoTalks: Use Case for photos with same Exif date

Use Case for photos with same Exif date

nightdrive on 21-Oct-2007
My camera has a high speed
shooting mode, so it is possible that several photos will have the same
exif date. It doesn't make sense to simply skip all subsequent photos.
That would render the application a lot less useful. The photos still
need renaming by date, but perhaps with an autogenerated postfix to
indicate the order. The true ordering of high speed pics could be
ascertained by sorting by the original file name.
original file name exif date new file name
P100345.jpg 12-Oct-2007 12:34:32 2007-10-12 12:34:32 1.jpg
P100346.jpg 12-Oct-2007 12:34:32 2007-10-12 12:34:32 2.jpg
P100347.jpg 12-Oct-2007 12:34:32 2007-10-12 12:34:32 3.jpg


Greg Woods
GreG on 22-Oct-2007
Hi Greg,

That's a very valid request. I personally didn't fall in this case but
some other users mentioned about it as well.
I will definitely add this feature to the next update.
Next release should be around mid November 2007.
Please come back and check for it
kemetter on 22-Nov-2007
I love the program, but I also
use high speed shooting and would REALLY appreciate a feature just like
Greg suggested. Good work, thanks!
GreG on 25-Nov-2007
Namexif 1.4 is out and it now
supports "high speed shooting" renaming!
Namexif will add dashes to differentiate filenames with same date.
For example, say you have 3 photos taken on August 15th 2007 at 6PM 5mn
and 27 seconds:
* 2007-08-15 18.05.27.jpg
* 2007-08-15 18.05.27-.jpg
* 2007-08-15 18.05.27--.jpg

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