PhotoTalks: HTTPhotos 2.9

HTTPhotos 2.9

GreG on 20-Feb-2012
HTTPhotos 2.9 has just been
released. This is a bug fix only release to address 3 recurring bugs we
identified thru our bug report. We encourage all users to upgrade.
liljoe on 23-Feb-2012
I have tried several time to
download v2.9 but it will only let me downlaod a little over 700kb the
it stops download. the file says it over 900kb file. I have tried to
download with several different browsers and I get same results every
time. Please let me know how i can download the latest version.


LiL Joe
GreG on 8-Mar-2012
Size is 956k, more precisely:
979,147 bytes
We'll update the webpage accordingly.
Please run it...
gian65 on 20-Apr-2012
Dear Sirs
i find your software very nice....only a problem: currently there are 4
columns for the photos: you can have multiple columns (6 - 8) and if
possible how can I make this change? Thank and best regards.
Gianfranco from Italy
GreG on 21-Apr-2012
Hi Gianfranco,
It's not possible to change the columns at this time, but that will be a
great option to add in next version
Thanks for the feedback!
IBIAZE on 10-Nov-2012
Foi uma =F3tima id=E9ia... Seria
interessante poder editar / atualiza um =E1lbum j=E1 existente. Ou pelo
menos ainda n=E3o vi.

P A R A B =C9 E E N S!!!

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