PhotoTalks: conversion from GPS'coordinates to location's name

conversion from GPS'coordinates to location's name

bobby on 11-Dec-2019

I want to rename my photos.
On exiftool it's easy to get date and time. But i'd like to get the
location's name from GPS datas .
Do you know a command under shell that convert GPS's coordinate to
location's name ?
For example i'd like to get:
2019-08-12:PARIS and rename my photo .
The process is easy whith command line under shell:
you pipe exiftool with awk and rename the photo.
Thanks for your advises Bobby
GreG on 12-Dec-2019
Hi Bobby,

The only thing I'm thinking of for now would be to rely on a service
like Google Map and query:

curl https://www.google.fr/maps/place/40.779897,-73.968565 >

Then you will have to parse to retrieve something like "Central Park
West Historic District, New York"

bobby on 21-Dec-2019
Hi Greg

I know services's google.

But I want a command line (bash shell) that converts directly
GPS'coordinates to location's names.
Thanks a lot

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