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NameExif 2.1 feature request
I have been looking for this for a long while. Being a mac user I have had great pleasure of using ExifRenamer for several years, and it works great. Until now I have not been able to find a replacement for windows. NameExif can do this. Being spoiled with ExifRenamer, I miss a few features Therefore, I'd like to suggest the following features: 1) Drag and drop (d&d a file or folder onto the NameExif icon should load the file or folder as done now manually. 2) different ways of naming files with identical EXIF timestamp: in ExifRenamer you can choose either to do like you do, or to add 1 sec to the name until the name is unique. 3) Move or copy renamed files to a new destination (optionally keep original untouched). I would be happy to share screen dumps of the dialog boxes if you don't have access to a mac.
Hi cstern,

First, you will be successful running Namexif or HTTPhotos on Mac using Wine, so it could be possible to run Namexif on Mac.

Regarding your suggestions, that's interesting, especially 1 and 2. On 3, I think you can quite easily first copy a folder, hence leaving original untouched and then work on files copied.

Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks. I don't need NameEXIF on the mac - I have EXIFrenamer for that

I need (and will use) NameEXIF on my Win10 box.

Looking forward to possible enhancements. It is already great and very useful!
Oh, and one more thing: Optionally (by a check box, maybe), it would be nice if it is possible to rename files without EXIF info to the date stamp of the file. I like that NameExif skips these files, but sometimes it could be nice to rename all files - to keep the name structure consistant - then the file time stamp could be used instead of the missing EXIF date.

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