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Namexif 2.0
Namexif version 2.0 is out!
In this release, Namexif is able to rename some video files.

Please contact us to handle some more file types.
When renaming photos with the same EXIF info, the NAMEXIF freezes.
Thanks for this feedback, going to fix this.
Thank you.

I was able to find an old version of your wonderful software (Version 1.6) on a rather disreputable website... but seems to work. Would it be possible for you to keep old versions of NameExif available for download ?

Thanks again for your time.

Best wishes.

John Patrick
sometime freezes ( the old version 1.7 no)
maybe it freezes with video files

btw i have 2 requests:

1) drag&drop to add files
2) add days and months to the time offset

good job!!!
Below is the link to Namexif 1.7:

An update of Namexif 2.0 should come soon, please check this forum again!

Namexif 2.1 fixes the freeze issue reported and that was happening in case of multiple same EXIF infos.

Thank you all for the feedback!

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