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httphotos 4.6 order in home
hi GreG
this application was exactly was I was looking for and works fine in generating photo galleries. There is only a strange behaviour in the way the homepage is generated: I have to build a number of galeries and I want to keep them in the homepage in the same order I generated and this is not happening: I build the first (call it AA) then I build the second (call BB)the second becomes the first in the list, now I build a third gallery (call CC) and it is put in the second position of the list. If I make a fourth one this is put in the third place and so forth. So the list is BB,CC,DD,AA that is not what I want. More if I use AA as a placeholder and try to delete it at the end the list becomes CC,DD,BB the former first becomes the last!
Is there any type of rule I can use to get the list in the right order or is it a bug?
Hi Morven,
Really appreciating your feedback.
The way the homepage is sorted is by album date.
You can easily edit this date afterward if needed, just click on it and set a new date so the photo albums are sorted like you want, from most recent to older.
I agree there could be other ways to sort the photo albums, but as of today it is design to rely on the album date.
Hope it helps!
Hi GreG,
Knowing the rule was easy to adjust the order as needed! No problem with this way of doing things, you just need to know!
I suggest to add this info in the manual, just add a sentence like "sorted by date".
I really appreciated your approach of building light and easy to use sw.

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