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Renaming Renamed fotos
Hi Greg,

Nice product! I found Namexif after I had used the AnyTrans app to download and organize my iPhone photos by date and flag duplicates. AnyTrans renames images using a similar format as yours, but without the dashes between YYYY-MM-DDHHMMSS(Ex.20180325143554.jpg)

My goal is to combine all the photos from my iPhone and PC, organize them by date, eliminate duplicates, and back them up for safe keeping.

How do I set up the "custom" renaming elements to get a YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format instead of 2018-03-25-14h35m54.jpg?


Easy, if you want to rename using YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format, then select custom and enter:

Eventually, you could rename photos from your iPhone using Namexif once they are downloaded to your PC and use any format.

Thank You!!

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