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Namexif 1.8
Namexif 1.8 is released.

The only purpose of this release is to avoid false positive malware detection.
The false positive warning was raised because Namexif was distributed using NSIS Windows installer.

As explained here on McAfee:
NSIS windows installer can be used to propagate a malware.

This doesn't mean NSIS is the culprit, NSIS is a well known Windows Installer existing since a long time, a description can even be found on wikipedia:

Unfortunately, switching to some other Windows Installers was not fixing the problem since the concept of an installer is always the same: unpacking some compressed files.

In addition, some windows installers work only for Windows 10 and not prior releases or vice versa, while Namexif works from Windows XP to the latest version.

Since Namexif has a very small footprint, the solution was to get rid of any windows installers and make Namexif runs straight from a double click without any required installation.
This is done with version 1.8 downloadable here:

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