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Namexif 2.1
Namexif 2.1 is just released!

This version fixes a freeze issue reported on Namexif 2.0.
Suggestion: Hi, I've used you app for a while to organise my photo's, but recently I've re-taken up a interest in photography and started an on-line course to improve my photo's. I was wondering if the next time you look to make some changes whether you would consisted adding some additional Tag's like: ISO, F stop and Shutter speed. Sorry if I put this in the wrong place, but I couldn't see anywhere else.
Hi KelvinC,

I take your point of adding some more parameters. Only I'm wondering if names would not look weird if we add ISO or shutter speed to it?
It's anyways a possible option.
Hi, Greetings from Poland. Your program is really great. It helps me organize a lot of my pictures.
I have a question because the rename of mov file not working. I have version 2.1.
It will be great if Namexif would take "Encoded date" from a move file and put it like a file name. I saw that program MediaInfo 20.03 can take this date from the movie files.
Thanks one more time!
Hi domi,

Namexif 2.1 goes beyond EXIF data and seek for dates in video files. More files will be supported in next versions. Please share a video file so I can add support. Email to contact dot digicamsoft at


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