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feedback Re: Questions Nameexif 1.2 24-Jan-2006/23:33:07
Hi Erik,

I didn't want to answer before having solutions!
OK, I just uploaded Namexif 1.3 which has the requested date format.
I was unable to put ":"so I put "." instead. Windows forbids following
characters in a filename:

For the "Add Dir" button: no clue :-(
I may work with you later to investigate on it, but right now, I'm working on

erik Questions Nameexif 1.2 20-Jan-2006/2:33:09
Hi Greg,

I have downloaded Nemeexif 1.2 and it is really a great program!
It’s the only program I have found, that does just what I was looking for.

There are two things however, I would like to ask you.

1.) When I push the “Add Dir” button, an error message appears: “We
apologize, an unexpected error occurred (past-end error)”. Is there
something I can do about that? I use Windows 2000 SP4 (Dutch).

2.) In Holland, a common used date/time-format is: “YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS”.
Could you build this into a future version?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
email Re: Feedback Namexif 1.2 10-Jan-2006/23:11:06
Hi Greg,
than x for your mail.
With preselection of a directory I mean that a user is able to select a
certain directory actively. This directory will be selected if the
program starts (like remembering the last directory but active)

It would be also great, if the program could scan and rename the
'preselected' directory with sub-directories for new pictures or videos
with certain letters in the file name (like hm*.jpg) by a click.

Best Regards from Nuremberg,
and.... sorry for my English

feedback Re: Feedback Namexif 1.2 10-Jan-2006/4:20:57
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your inputs.
Drag'n drop won't be possible, it is unfortunately not supported by the
infrastructure I'm using.
What do you mean by preselection of a directory? Remembering what was the last

email Feedback Namexif 1.2 6-Jan-2006/20:10:18
thank you for Namexif!
I tried a lot of tools but your tool is the best to rename pictures!
Fast, small and very easy to use.

Two things would be great for the next version:
- Drag-and-drop function to select pictures and
- preselection of a directory

Best regards form Nuremberg, Germany
feedback Re: cannot find c drive 20-Nov-2005/4:20:15

Sure I remember this last fix.
I tried on my side and it works as expected, but I want to solve your issue
Is it the same error as before or is it different?
Can you make sure you have the latest version (sometimes the cache of the
browser doesn't update correctly)?
What version is your Windows? XP, 98, 95, NT?

We'll find a solution!
RGrace09 Re: cannot find c drive 17-Nov-2005/14:31:40

You may recall that you kindly modified your software for use on PC's with
no "C" drive.

I have downloaded the new version but still get a cannot load error.

Please can you investigate as I really do like this program

Thanking you in advance

RGrace09 Re: cannot find c drive 10-Nov-2005/1:28:50
Thanks for your help on this one.

I look forward to using your very useful program for a long time to come.

feedback Re: cannot find c drive 7-Nov-2005/20:56:37-5:00
OK, you can now download a new version of Namexif; it now open your home
directory instead of c:
I kept same version number since this is not a big change...
Enjoy :)
feedback Re: cannot find c drive 7-Nov-2005/20:56:36-5:00

Yes, actually the Windows' implementation assumes you have a C: and this is hard
Should not be a big deal to fix that! Should be done this week, maybe tonight.
Thanks for using Namexif!
Just wanted to make something simple!

RGrace09 cannot find c drive 6-Nov-2005/10:55:16

I have used your namexif program for some time. It is the quickest and
easiest I have found.

Having reinstalled my hard drive, the OS is not now on C, but G drive.

Name XIF has an error in such cases. I guess it looks for C to place a temp
file into or similar when doing the conversion.

Can you fix this?

Thanks for a great utility

feedback Re: Namexif 1.2 12-May-2005/4:44:46
Thank You David! Always good to have some support!
Come back on, some updates are planned!
djd Namexif 1.2 3-May-2005/14:10:13-5:00
Thank-you for Namexif 1.2 (

David Dollevoet
feedback Re: Configure Output filename manually 27-Jan-2005/13:46:14

The best now is to add an option to let the user customize this output format.
Alternatively, I could just add this format to those available already...
Anyway, I'll enhance that :)

Thanks! and please visit us in a couple of weeks to check for a Namexif update!
Kai Configure Output filename manually 26-Jan-2005/23:33:54

cool Tool, also working with miy HP R507. But if possible I would like to
modify the output filename on my own, using format YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS. Thanks
anyway for this tool!!

GMX im TV ... Die Gedanken sind frei ... Schon gesehen?
Jetzt Spot online ansehen:
feedback Re: Namexif on 10-Jan-2005/18:38:27
Vielen Dank!

I studied German (Deutsch) 3 years at school... but because I never practised, I
forgot so much... Shame on me!

Thanks from France and USA!
chris Namexif on 9-Jan-2005/22:26:31
Hi there,
we just want to inform you, that we have added your awsome software namexif to our freeware archive on You will find it here:
Hope you like it! Thanks a lot and ...

Kind regards from Germany

seraphan6 RE: Namexif 27-Nov-2004/0:05:50
Thanks so much! v 1.2 does exactly what I need!
feedback Namexif 1.2 20-Nov-2004/19:03:15
A bug existing both is 1.0 and 1.1 version is now fixed.
It occured when some pictures have wrong EXIF (corrupted? non standard?) data.
feedback Re: Namexif 7-Nov-2004/1:39:04
Everything is possible :)
I probably will satisfy your request this week-end since that's very easy to do.
So... check for Namexif 1.1 next monday!
seraphan6 Namexif 5-Nov-2004/0:21:20
Great program. One request, though...
I'd like to use this format: < 8 char. (ISO9660) > _ < Original Camera Filename >.jpg
So DSC0736.jpg becomes 0C947B36_DSC0736.jpg
Is this possible?
Thanks for making great GPL software!
feedback Re: multi-threading 2-Oct-2004/19:00:07
Actually REBOL is good at distributed computing, meaning that you can easily design an application so that many scripts can communicate at the same time, enabling thus a multi-thread like system, except you don't share same memory. rugby.r, async.r are a convenients libraries to do so, please visit for more.
atlantyda10 multi-threading 2-Oct-2004/13:44:41
How to start two scripts at the same time?
Are threads exists in REBOL language?
feedback Re: httphotos 30-Sep-2004/20:53:37
Hi Piotr,

It's GPL, so yes! you can fork :)
And it's great to send a copy of your work to digicamsoft so we can update existing and every one benefits.

Nevertheless, I don't approve all changes so I will add some more changes before broadcasting this new version.

Thank You for that Great Contribution!
piotr httphotos 28-Sep-2004/21:16:22
Hi; I've made small changes again.
Httphotos is GPL licensed? Is ok to "fork" and create own versions of your tool?

1. added button "remove single file from list of pictures to process"
2. added button "load/save file-list" for quick gallery creation files form loaded list are checked if they exists (and removed if not);
3. changed way the gallery dir is creted; now each gallery is created as subdir in webdir directory (which is located under "TMP" environment variable); the name of the subdirectory is taken form current timestamp; original gellery name is keept in info.txt file located in gallery dir (info-files are used by index generator)
4. cjpeg is called with full path; separated code for linux and windows
5. removed "change-dir %/c/" so everything works from "current directory"
6. upon "unexpected error" newly created gallery dir is removed
7. removed check for port 80 availability
8. after gallery is created http.r is launched automaticaly=20
9. html links have "title's" ("alt" comments are removed)
10 gallery name is linked to main index.html
11 paths to files are displayed in local-file form

1. http.r can log IP-address, file-name, mime-type, response-code, data-length and time-used
2. changed default port from 80 to 8080 (for security reason ;-)
3. new gallery can be added while http.r is running; main index.html is created automaticaly everytime befor sending to browser
4. removed clash between variable "request" and rebol function "request" (used by "alert")
5. improved security model (read files from webdir only)

Piotr Gapinski; news at rowery-olsztyn-pl
Olsztynska Strona Rowerowa;
feedback Re: HTTPHOTOS 1.0 18-Sep-2004/5:46:22
Hi Piotr,

I fixed the HTML error and you can now download HTTPHOTOS 1.2.
Between 1.0 version and 1.2 I also fixed a bug regarding pictures ratio, it
was the 1.1 of course!

Your wishes are now logged! I know there is a great potential of nice features
to add to that tool. I was also thinking about the ability to add comments
while browsing photos.
I'm also thinking about adding an http tab to ReViewer.
And I have to unleash the power of your libraries!

It was good to read you!
piotr HTTPHOTOS 1.0 17-Sep-2004/15:38:43

Some remarks about your new tool - HTTPHOTOS;
First of all - great tool i've always looking for!
Second - it contain some errors in html pages generator.

in line (42) you might see "a href=^"shot" n "b.html>[Auto-
Resize: Off]/a". This cause wrong html formating because of
lack ^" character after b.html string.

Some wishes follow
1. ability do remove single file from list of pictures to
process (i can add files or clear whole list)
2. maybe a log file which can tell me who accessed my server?
3. ability to temporaily shut down (block?) server
4. ability to start many instances of httphotos at the same time
(sharing port 80 connection?)

Piotr Gapiński;
Olsztyńska Strona Rowerowa;

Prosty, niezależny i bezpieczny Internet!
+ Extra darmowy dostęp do Gier, Plików, Erotyki, ...
Możesz mieć za d a r m o! SprawdĽ >>> <<<
feedback Re: Reviewer problem 4-Sep-2004/15:42:47

So you created an Auto-Play album with ReViewer but you can't run it from the
REBOL console... I don't like that too...
I tried some workarounds but was unsuccessful too. Maybe you can submit this to
the Mailing List and someone will find a solution.
What's happening is that load instruction remove pictures' datas because they
are not in the same block of the script itself.
The best thing to do to solve that is to generate another script embedding
pictures within the script. I let you know as soon as this is done.
alanore Reviewer problem 2-Sep-2004/23:35:01-7:00
just got some more web space and put up a .r
this is the output :
>> do
connecting to:
Script: "Made with ReViewer" (none)
** Script Error: Invalid path value: size
** Where: fit-to
** Near: l_size: image/size
if any [find effect 90 find effect 270]
it works locally...Thanks! :)
Brock from AltME 13-Feb-2004/9:23
Ability to crop images and save off to a user defined folder. Provide predefined cutting shapes ie. 4x6 rectangle, 5x7 etc. Would allow for easy cropping of non-standard photo print sizes for easy upload to digital printing service

Ability to set a default path to your images so you don't have to scroll through dir structure every time you startup. I guess the DBase is somewhat a solution for this though. Anyway - something to think about.
Colin from AltME 16-Jan-2004/16:40
This looks pretty cool. Very impressive piece of work.
piotr ReViewer & EXIF 9-Jan-2004/0:38:35
Reviewer is just amazing.
IMHO you should add option to show informations form jpeg/exif data
(width, height,Resolution,CameraModel,EquipmentMake and so on).
I think that will be useful.

BTW, if you have any suggestions about imporvment of the exif lib
just let me know;


----- Original Message -----
Happy New Year Piotr!

I'm glad to tell you first that ReViewer 2.1 is out, including your nice
I'll get more time in february to start writing new functionalities using


Tomc from AltME 16-Dec-2003/4:42
From search select all with ctrl-a would be very nice as would removing selected items from the search list so you do not have to wonder if that is already selected...
I would also argue luma increases to the right and decreases to the left.
Kaj from AltME 15-Dec-2003/22:35
Could you add mouse wheel functionality?
ReViewer from 20-Nov-2003/6:26
Yes, for Amiga users, you must instal REBOL/View first.

You can get it from:
REBOL Technologies

then, from REBOL/View console, type:


(and answer Yes to security check)

For people interested by code, edit ReViewer.r and replace "do decompress" with "write %code.r decompress".
Code is now saved in code.r file on your HDD.
JoannaK from 20-Nov-2003/4:07
You just take the source and run it with Rebol. Shold work just like that. Amiga version of Rebol don't yet have -executable compiler so there is no amiga-specific runable code. Unfortunately I have this feeling that on Amiga it'll be a bit slow, but...

Note: that source is actualy bit obfuscated.. In a way pitty cause it would have been nice introduction to those who like to see more of Rebol.
DaNi from 20-Nov-2003/3:55
Where is the amiga version for download? only view linux/windows version :(
Waccoon from 19-Nov-2003/20:48
Good: It's free, and offers the ability to change the format of the pic. I assume that means resizing and such. Thumbnails look pretty respectable, if it's relatively fast.

Bad: Specifies picture dimentions in pixels rather than megapixels. A lot of wasted screen real estate. I don't like the fact that none of the sliders are labeled. Was any of this designed on paper before programming began? The interface needs lots of work.
Targhan from 19-Nov-2003/19:41
This thing looks snazzy! Really feature rich. Wow! Mind if I cross-post this?
ReViewer from 19-Nov-2003/17:59:12
ReViewer is a photos manager 100% REBOL made.

ReViewer 2.x focus on albums creation. It is thus able to create Auto-Play REBOL slideshows and is also able to produce PDF outputs including algorithm to optimize paper when printing. Thumbnailing is still a little bit slow but major performance improvement will be made at next release (for digital camera pictures).
piotr EXIF Support 16-Nov-2003/17:57:11

I've just downloaded yout reViewer.
Great piece of rebol software.
I've found that reViewer doesn't support JPEG/EXIF (at least v2.0).
If it is planned feature - here are my functions to support exif files.

Try demo-files first ;-)

Targhan from 14-Feb-2003/11:55
Very interesting bit of software. I bet if this developer would work with the Vanilla guys, we could see some neat stuff happen.