Rebol3: Ren/C
Ren/C est un fork de R3 interessant et à suivre:

Ren/C is an interim fork of the open sourced Rebol codebase. It has many goals:

* To create a library form of the interpreter, which is focused on providing the full spectrum of Rebol's internals to other projects. This is to open up possibilities for linking to new IDEs, debuggers, and consoles (such as Ren Garden). It will also be the basis for language bindings like Ren/C++.

* To un-fork the divergence between the community build of Rebol based on the 12-Dec-2012 open-sourced code and the codebase built on pre-open-source code at Saphirion, later maintained by Atronix Engineering.

* To accelerate the process by which consensus features and fixes are integrated into the language. Though debates continue over features in Rebol and Red Chat, many changes are ready and agreed upon -- some submitted as patches. Yet they haven't had a focal location where they can be launched and people get new builds.

* To integrate the test suite into the build, and make the bar obvious that contributions must meet by keeping it at zero errors. The Valgrind and Address Sanitizer tools are being integrated into the build and test process, with modifications to the code to prevent masking bugs.

* To provide an option for stable open-source bootstrapping to be used by the Red Language, which is currently bootstrapped from closed-source Rebol 2. (Red's roadmap goal is to move directly to a self-hosting state from the Rebol 2 codebase. This may be a poorer option than moving to an improved Rebol 3 as an interim step.)
Un fork dont un des buts est de unforker, faut avouer que ša sonne un peu bizarre...

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