CArl sort de son silence: Quelle licence?
Carl Sassenrath
3-Oct-2012 22:21:19    This is sure a busy group of people. So many comments.

It looks like there's some concern over GPL v2?

I work a lot with GPL v2 code every day and its use in commercial enterprise... that even gets blended with other licenses. It does not seem to hinder decent product development, although some care must be taken. I cannot say the same about GPL v3 which is a big problem, and I avoid it.

Also, I figure that GPL v2 is perhaps the most tested and mature of all the models, and we know that very large software communities endorse and support it -- such as Linux.

However, that said, let me go back and read more of your comments to understand your main points. Sorry about the delay, but this part I've got to get right. What licenses are used by other popular languages? Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, etc.?
bon finalement 10 jours apres la date fatidique toujours rien de decider.

Pourtant c'est facil regarde :

Rebol est opensource la licence est MIT / BSD les source sont la: Les bouffons qui auront la charge de continuer a planter rebol et a vous faire chier sont: BrianH, Cyphre et Pekr. Aller! bonne bourre!

Oh pardon j'ai dit bouffons au lieu de guru ! je suis vraimenet trop vilain tout plein!

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