New Rebol BBS
Hello Gregory

I have "borrowed" some of your code, and CSS for this BBS which uses Amazon S3 to store messages, and SDB to store index!

See [url][/url]

Sorry ...
Nice !

But I was unable to register !
The result was "unable to validate!"

With my real email of course !

What is the price for amazon services? It can be I guess the showstopper for us.
Sorry ... but in my email checking routine :(

You can just use my board if you like as it will provide a test bed for me.

But Amazon is very cheap ... I would be surprised if it cost more than 50c a month.
Added categories, and the ability to translate from a base language ( English ) to whatever that is supported by Google translate.
Hi Graham!
Sorry for this late reply, I was off last week.
Going to check your BBS soon.
Regarding RebelBB, we suffer from performances of the IMAP provider... So either we switch to a better IMAP provider or a file based solution. Or why not your new version! One thing I can mention already is that my ISP won't support RSP, so it needs to be written as a CGI.

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