Rebol Documentation project gone ?!
Giuseppe Chillemi31-Jan-2008/13:56:02+1:00
Bonjour à tous,
please pardon me if I write in english language but I do not know your idiom.
I whish to thank Goldevil for having posted my request on this board for support on mirroring RDP to DocBase but soon after the REBOL documentation project disappeared. It is a great resource and you did great work and it is really a bad news I have no access to it anymore.
I kindly ask to those interested notices about the status of this site.
Thank you in advance

Giuseppe Chillemi

I confirm I also have an URL not found for rebdocproj.
I hope reboltof will explain us what's going on.
Hi Giuseppe and Gregg,

The RDP ressource is down, reboltof is working in a completly different work : that's for bad news.. But reboltof sent me all the archives of RDP. I need just more time to push it on the Net and restore the site.

As Reboltof asked to me, I prepared a hosting space available for rebdocproj on my webserver. I already sent access informations to Reboltof and Philippe. I can sent it again, if needed.

I'm very busy currently but I you need any help to install SPIP do not hesitate to contact me : karim at elfounas dot com.
Giuseppe Chillemi4-Feb-2008/13:05:03+1:00
Ok, now I know what happened.
Guys, it is a free project and I don't expect completition time. Everything will be up and ready as soon as everyone will find some spare hours of work. In the meantime I'll prepare the Docbase R2 Pages to host either english and french language (as other languages) documumentation/articles.
At least the project isn't lost and the material is in the hands of Philippe.

Giusepppe Chillemi
Giuseppe Chillemi13-Mar-2008/0:11:45+1:00
any news on the Rebol Doc Project Resurrection ? I feel like a tiger inside a cage... ROAAARRRR (it is the voice of a tiger in Italian language

Giuseppe Chillemi
Giuseppe Chillemi3-Jun-2008/3:36:18+2:00
this is another "PING" about the status of the project. If it won't be resurrected beforr the middle of june the merging of RDP in DocBase will be dalayed to the autumn as I'll move to germany for about a month.

However mine is not a request and I don't want to hurry anyone. I only want to share my calendar with you.

Giuseppe Chillemi
Je signale que le domaine REBDOCPROJ.ORG du défunt "Rebol Documentation Project" arrive à expiration le 11/09/2008. L'année passée, j'avais promis de la tenir pendant encore un an, maintenant on y est

Si quelqu'un est intéressé par la reprise, il peut me contacter à reboltof--at--gmail--dot--com.
Personne ? :-/
Quelle taille fait l'archive du site
On pourrait surement la mettre sur un site comme ou autre? Qu'en penses-tu?

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