liste des fichiers d'un ftp

J'aimerai lister tout les fichiers disponibles sur un site FTP et l'exemple fourni dans la documentation ne semble pas fonctionner:

files: open

forall files [
file: first files
info: info? file
print [file info/date info/size info/type]

lors de mes differents tests, la valeur de info est toujours a none

si je fait info: info? join file c'est OK mais lent,comment lister les fichier FTP d'une site d'une maniere efficace?

merci d'avance
Je crains que par defaut il n'y ait pas de moyen plus rapide... sinon ecrire ton propre protocole FTP.

J'en profite d'ailleurs pour raler un peu: les protocoles fournis sont en general un peu legers. NNTP ne tiens pas la route, FTP marche mais un peu lent, IMAP est insuffisant, ...
Une demande à faire à Carl ce soir en direct ?
a noter qu'un patch pour ftp existe : le voici

rebol [
   Author: "Romano Paolo Tenca"
   Purpose {Fix some bugs in the ftp handler}
   Date: 09/01/2004
   File %ftp-patch.r
   Notes: {

      The 'nlst algorithm is much more slower than the 'list algorithm,
      especially with long directories.
      Use it only if FTP fails in reading directories.
          To activate the NLST mode, set port/algorithm (local) or
          system/schemes/ftp/algorithm (global) to 'nlst, before opening the port.
             port/algorithm: 'nlst
             system/schemes/ftp/algorithm: 'nlst
   Acknowledgment: {
      Thanks to Brett Handley, Ashley Trüter, Kaj de Vos for their support.
      (#.1.# = Rebug version)
   Todo: {
       - close-on-fail should cache all ports like close
   History: [ BETA 09/01/2004 {
          - parse-dir-list: if port/algorithm = 'nlst, nlst-check is used instead of list-check
           and every item is tested with CWD to check if it is a dir
          - now parse-files check for type <> 'nlst (instead of = 'list)
       - moved all function inside the handler, deleted ftp-utils
       - changed connections word with conns in open
    } BETA 26/12/03 {
       - changed accept/listen handle
    0.1.56 BETA 26/12/03 {
       - changed name of function close-sub-port to confirm-transfer
       - now close cache all cmd ports
       - removed file-list-check (now we are always on the right dir, LIST is enough)
       - changed replace in parse-cur-dir (CWD must support the syntax CWD a"b)
       - added parse-cur-dir (to make easier to change the parse rule)
       - now mkdir-check use locals/file instead of target
       - new-dir? is no more a function
       - added new? var to open
       - now fully supports url definition with a block (RT code failed if url was a block)
          * changed query and open
       - added locals shortcut to parse-dir-list
       - removed status field from locals (unuseful)
       - removed query field from cmd-port-locals (unuseful)
       - added prototype objects port-locals and cmd-port-locals
       - no more call get-cur-dir if path is empty (unuseful)
      - changed to-string # in scopy "" (more fast)
       - chdir-check changed: no more ./ (unuseful and problems with AS400)
      - added 125 to append-check
       - added 250 to transfer-check (some servers return it instead of 226)
       - added local x to data-connect (global x was overwritten)
       - removed "form type" (unuseful)
      - changed the name of error-try to error-try?
    0.1.55 BETA 22/12/03 {
      - fixed mkdir-check and mk-dir code,
      - added some missing error? (after the try-catch remove)
      - added try-error
      - use close-cmd in open for wrong cached connections
    0.1.54 BETA 20/12/03 "removing catch - THIS VERSION WORKS ONLY FROM VIEW >= 1.2.10"
    0.0.53 BETA 30/11/03 ""

;system/options/quiet: false

ftp-utils: make object! [
   ;debug option
   raw-lst: off
   make root-protocol [
      spick: sremove: scopy: sclose: sopen: sget-modes: none
      set [spick sremove scopy sclose sopen sget-modes]
      reduce bind [:pick :remove :copy :close :open :get-modes] 'system
      connections: make block! 5
      open-check: [none ["220" "230"] ["USER" port/user] "331" ["PASS" port/pass] "230" "SYST" "*"]
      close-check: ["QUIT" ["221" "421"]]
      write-check: ["TYPE I" "200" ["STOR" port/target] ["150" "125"]]

      active-check: [["PORT" port/locals/active-check] "200"]
      read-check: [["RETR" port/target] ["150" "125"]]
      restart-check: [["REST" port/state/index] "350"]
      chdir-check: [["CWD" port/path] ["25" "200"]]
      root-check: [["CWD" port/locals/home-dir] ["25" "200"]]
      list-check: ["TYPE A" "200" "LIST" ["150" "125"]]
      nlst-check: ["TYPE A" "200" "NLST" ["150" "125" ]]
      binary-type-check: ["TYPE I" "200"]
      append-check: ["TYPE I" "200" ["APPE" port/target] ["150" "125"]]
      mkdir-check: [["MKD" port/locals/file] "25"]
      rmdir-check: [["RMD" port/locals/file] "250"]
      rmfile-check: [["DELE" port/locals/file] "250"]
      rename-check: [["RNFR" port/locals/file] "350" ["RNTO" port/locals/to-name] "250"]
      transfer-check: [none ["226" "250"]]
      passive-check: ["PASV" "227"]
      pwd-check: ["PWD" "25"]

      port-locals: make object! [dir-cache: listen-port: passive: cmd-port: none]
      cmd-port-locals: make object! [active-check: file: to-name: home-dir: updated: tuple: none]
      error-try?: func [blk][error? try blk]
      confirm-cmd: func [port [port!] check [block!]] [
         net-utils/confirm/multiline port/locals/cmd-port check
      close-cmd: func [cmd-port] [
         net-utils/net-log reform ["Closing cmd port" cmd-port/local-port cmd-port/remote-port]
         error-try? [sclose cmd-port]
      close-listen: func [port] [
         if port? port/locals/listen-port [
            net-utils/net-log reform ["Closing listen port" port/locals/listen-port/local-port]
            error-try? [sclose port/locals/listen-port]
      close-on-fail: func [port blk /local res] [
         if error? set/any 'res try blk [
            if port/locals [
               close-cmd port/locals/cmd-port
               close-listen port
         all [value? 'res res]
      append-active: func [check [string!] id] [
         insert tail check rejoin ["." to-integer id / 256 "." id // 256]
         replace/all check #"." #","
      dir-read?: func [port] [empty? port/target]
      parse-cur-dir: func [str] [
         replace/all second
               replace/all str {""} "^/"
            " ^-"
         "^/" {"}
      parse-files: func [
         str type {none (=list) or 'nlst depending on what list op was performed}
         /local result digit char space attrs chars new-line sp ftp-list ftp-dir vars
         attr owner group size date time file pdate month info-block
         loc ftp-nlst msftp-list msftp-dir dir file-rule
         no-space nosp
         add-date digits no-newline ftp-nlist reduced
      ] [
         result: scopy []
         digit: charset "0123456789"
         char: charset [#"a" - #"z" #"A" - #"Z" #"0" - #"9" "=+-_.:&$*',"]
         space: charset " ^-"
         no-space: complement space
         nosp: [any no-space]
         no-newline: complement charset "^M^/"
         attrs: charset "-dlrwxXsStT"
         chars: [any char]
         digits: [any digit]
         new-line: [newline | "^M^/"]
         sp: [any space]
         add-date: func [] [
            month: first pdate
            sremove pdate
            insert next pdate month
            if 3 > length? pdate [
               insert tail pdate now/year
               insert tail pdate to-time time
            loop length? loc: pdate [insert loc "/" loc: skip loc 2]
            sremove pdate
            if (now + 1) < loc: to-date rejoin pdate [loc/year: loc/year - 1]
            insert tail info-block loc
         ftp-list: [
               type: 'file
               reduced: reduce vars
               append result to-file rejoin [
                  either #"l" = first attr [type: 'link scopy/part file find file " ->"] [file]
                  either #"d" = first attr [type: 'directory "/"] [""]
               insert/only tail result info-block: reduce [type to-integer size]
               pdate: parse date none
         file-rule: [copy file [some no-newline | to "^M^/"]]
         ftp-dir: [
            copy attr 10 attrs sp
            digits sp
            copy owner nosp sp
            copy group nosp sp
            copy size digits sp
            copy date [chars sp digits sp [digits some space | none]]
            copy time [[digits ":" digits sp] | none]
         msftp-list: [
               insert tail result to-file file
               insert/only tail result info-block: reduce [type to-integer size]
               pdate: parse date "-"
         msftp-dir: [
            copy date to " " sp
            copy time [digits ":" digits] (time: to-time time)
            copy ampm to " " sp (if ampm = "PM" [time: time + 12:00])
            [<DIR> (type: 'directory size: 0) | copy size digits (trim/tail size type: 'file)]
            sp file-rule (if type = 'directory [insert tail file "/"])
         ftp-nlist: [
            file-rule (
               insert tail result reduce [to-file file reduce ['file none none]]
         vars: [attr owner group size date time file]
         set vars none
         either type <> 'nlst [
            if not parse/all str ["total" sp digits sp new-line some ftp-list | some ftp-list] [
               parse/all str [some msftp-list]
         ] [
            parse/all str [some ftp-nlist]
      get-cur-dir: func [cmd-port] [
         parse-cur-dir net-utils/confirm cmd-port pwd-check
      parse-dir-list: func [port /local file-list line dir-cache tmp] [
         file-list: make string! 2000
         while [line: spick port/sub-port 1] [insert insert tail file-list line newline]
         if raw-lst [print ["Raw-lst:" newline mold file-list]]
         confirm-transfer port
         port/locals/dir-cache: dir-cache: parse-files file-list port/algorithm ;none or 'nlst
         foreach item [%./ %../] [sremove/part find dir-cache item 2]
         if port/algorithm = 'nlst [
            tmp: get-cur-dir port/locals/cmd-port
            if slash <> spick tail tmp -1 [insert tail tmp slash]
            foreach [name blk] dir-cache [
               if not error? try [
                  confirm-cmd port [[join "CWD " [tmp name]] ["25" "200"]]
               ][insert tail name slash blk/1: 'directory]
            confirm-cmd port [[join "CWD " tmp] ["25" "200"]]
         (length? dir-cache) / 2
      confirm-transfer: func [port] [
         net-utils/net-log reform ["Closing data port" port/sub-port/host port/sub-port/local-port port/sub-port/remote-port]
         sclose port/sub-port
         confirm-cmd port transfer-check
      data-connect: func [
         /local a-check info num tmp
         locals proxy cmd-port x
      ] [
         proxy: all [port/proxy/host port/proxy]
         locals: port/locals
         cmd-port: port/locals/cmd-port
         if any [
            all [proxy proxy/type <> 'socks5 proxy/type <> 'socks]
            all [
               not locals/passive
               not proxy
               error-try? [
                  locals/listen-port: sopen/lines [
                     scheme: 'tcp
                     port-id: 0
                     timeout: port/timeout
                  net-utils/net-log reform ["Opening listen port" locals/listen-port/port-id]
                  a-check: form reduce either zero? locals/listen-port/local-ip [
                  cmd-port/locals/active-check: append-active a-check locals/listen-port/port-id
                  confirm-cmd port active-check
         ] [locals/passive: true]
         if all [proxy not locals/passive] [
            cmd-port/host: port/host
            cmd-port/proxy: proxy
            port/sub-port: net-utils/connect-proxy cmd-port 'bind
            cmd-port/locals/active-check: append-active reform port/sub-port/host port/sub-port/port-id
            if error-try? [confirm-cmd port active-check] [locals/passive: true]
         if locals/passive [
            info: make string! 16
            if not parse tmp: confirm-cmd port passive-check [
               thru #"("
               4 [copy x integer! #"," (insert insert tail info x #".")]
               (sremove back tail info)
               [copy x integer! (num: 256 * to-integer x) #"," copy x integer! (num: num + to-integer x) #")"]
               to end
            ] [
               net-error join "Invalid port or id number string: " mold tmp
            cmd-port/host: info
            cmd-port/port-id: num
            cmd-port/proxy: proxy
            port/sub-port: either all [proxy proxy/type <> 'generic] [
               net-utils/connect-proxy cmd-port 'connect
               sopen/lines [
                  scheme: 'tcp
                  host: cmd-port/host
                  port-id: num
                  timeout: port/timeout
      accept-connect: func [port type][
         if not port/locals/passive [
            either port/locals/listen-port [
               if type <> 'new-dir [port/sub-port: first port/locals/listen-port]
               close-listen port
               port/locals/listen-port: none
               net-utils/accept-proxy port/sub-port
      open: func [
         /local type tmp new-dir? proxy conn
         locals conns cache-size cached
         new? cmd-port
      ] [
         close-on-fail port [
            proxy: found? port/proxy/host
            any [port/user port/user: "anonymous"]
            any [port/pass port/pass:]
            if error-try? [to-tuple tmp: port/host] [tmp: form system/words/read join dns:// port/host]
            conns: connections
            while [not empty? conns] [
               conn: first conns
               either all [conn/host = tmp conn/user = port/user] [
                  sremove conns
                  either error-try? [
                     net-utils/confirm/multiline conn root-check
                  ] [
                     close-cmd conn
                  ] [
                     port/locals: make port-locals [cmd-port: conn]
                     port/state/flags: port/state/flags or port-flags
                     net-utils/net-log reform ["Using the cached port" conn/host conn/local-port conn/remote-port]
               ] [conns: next conns]
            locals: port/locals
            if none? locals [
               open-proto port
               locals: port/locals: make port-locals [cmd-port: port/sub-port]
               port/sub-port: none
               locals/cmd-port/locals: make cmd-port-locals [
                  tuple: tmp
                  home-dir: get-cur-dir locals/cmd-port
            locals/passive: system/schemes/ftp/passive
            cmd-port: locals/cmd-port
            cmd-port/path: port/path: any [port/path scopy ""]
            cmd-port/target: port/target: any [port/target scopy ""]
            if dir-read? port [
               all [
                  sget-modes port 'direct
                  net-error "Cannot open a dir port in direct mode"
               port/state/flags: port/state/flags or system/standard/port-flags/pass-thru
            all [
               port/state/index <> 0
               any [not sget-modes port 'binary dir-read? port]
               net-error "Cannot skip a not binary file port"
            data-connect port
            new?: port/state/flags and system/standard/port-flags/open-new <> 0
            if not empty? port/path [
               if new-dir?: all [dir-read? port new?][
                  cmd-port/path: first tmp: split-path to-file cmd-port/path
                  cmd-port/locals/file: second tmp
                  if 1 < length? cmd-port/locals/file [
                     sremove back tail cmd-port/locals/file
               if cmd-port/path <> %./ [
                   confirm-cmd port chdir-check
            net-utils/net-log join "Type: " type: any [
               all [new-dir? 'new-dir]
               all [new? 'new]
               all [dir-read? port 'dir]
               all [port/state/flags and system/standard/port-flags/open-append <> 0 'app]
            do select [
               file [
                  confirm-cmd port either port/algorithm = 'nlst [nlst-check][list-check]
                  accept-connect port type
                  parse-dir-list port
                  if tmp: select locals/dir-cache to-file port/target [
                     port/status: first tmp
                     port/date: third tmp
                     if any [none? port/size: second tmp 1024 > port/size] [port/size: 0]
                  data-connect port
                  confirm-cmd port binary-type-check
                  if 0 < cmd-port/state/index: port/state/index [
                     confirm-cmd port restart-check
                  confirm-cmd port read-check
               new [confirm-cmd port write-check]
               new-dir [confirm-cmd port mkdir-check]
               dir [confirm-cmd port either port/algorithm = 'nlst [nlst-check][list-check]]
               app [confirm-cmd port append-check]
            ] type
            accept-connect port type
            if type = 'dir [
               port/size: port/state/tail: parse-dir-list port
      close: func [port /local cmd-port cache-size] [
         cmd-port: port/locals/cmd-port
         if not dir-read? port [error-try? [confirm-transfer port]]
         net-utils/net-log reform ["Caching cmd-port" cmd-port/host cmd-port/local-port cmd-port/remote-port]
         cmd-port/host: cmd-port/locals/tuple
         cmd-port/locals/updated: now/time
         append connections cmd-port
         any [integer? cache-size: system/schemes/ftp/cache-size cache-size: 0]
         while [cache-size < length? connections] [
            close-cmd first connections
            sremove connections
      query: func [port /local info file path err dir-cache] [
         either not port/locals [
            if port/target [
               file: to-file port/target
               port/target: none
            open port
            close port
            dir-cache: port/locals/dir-cache
            either none? file [
               port/status: 'directory
               port/size: port/state/tail
            ] [
               either info: select dir-cache file [
                  port/status: first info
                  port/size: second info
                  port/date: third info
               ] [
                  if info: select dir-cache join file slash [
                     port/date: third info
                     port/path: join port/path file slash
                     port/target: port/locals: none
                     query port
         ] [
            port/status: spick [directory file] dir-read? port
            port/size: port/state/tail
      change: func [port new-name /local cmd-port] [
         cmd-port: port/locals/cmd-port
         cmd-port/locals/file: to-string spick port/locals/dir-cache 2 * port/state/index + 1
         cmd-port/locals/to-name: either all [
            slash = last cmd-port/locals/file
            slash <> last new-name
         ] [new-name: join new-name slash] [scopy new-name]
         close-on-fail port [confirm-cmd port rename-check]
         poke port/locals/dir-cache 2 * port/state/index + 1 to-file new-name
      copy: func [port /local out num index value] [
         out: make block! num: port/state/num
         index: port/state/index
         parse port/locals/dir-cache [index [2 skip] num [set value skip skip (insert tail out scopy value)]]
      pick: func [port] [
         spick port/locals/dir-cache 2 * port/state/index + 1
      remove: func [port /local cmd-port dir-cache] [
         cmd-port: port/locals/cmd-port
         dir-cache: skip port/locals/dir-cache 2 * port/state/index
         loop port/state/num [
            cmd-port/locals/file: to string! first dir-cache
            close-on-fail port [confirm-cmd port either slash = last cmd-port/locals/file [rmdir-check] [rmfile-check]]
            sremove/part dir-cache 2
            port/state/tail: port/state/tail - 1
      net-utils/net-install 'ftp self 21

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