R3 network protocols
In case anyone missed it, I put my early attempts at R3 network protocols up at http://github.com/gchiu/Rebol3

Includes daytime, dns, imap, ftp, fax, and smtp.

I haven't changed them since initial commit in mid Feb, 2010.
Thank you Graham for this news.
I've discovered "github" very recently, a social network for coding, great idea !
That could be the code repository for other parts of R3 !
Yes, this is an idea proposed by Andreas ( of Rebol xmlrpc )
so I thought I would start
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand still no ICMP !!!
Where is the little Ping ?!

can't be so difficult to find him even in this crowd !

ho common we have fax but still no Ping ... what sort of networking is that ?
and don't telle me we don't need it ...

a lot of monitoring software could be donne with an internal support of icmp... and we all know it ...

So my ask since 2003 is why the heck we don't have icmp in rebol ?

Why ?
Why ?
Why ?

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