une idée lumineuse?
Qui aurait l'idée pour créer en rebol l'équivalent de typedef void CvArr;

The metatype CvArr* is used only as a function parameter to specify that the function accepts arrays of more than a single type, for example IplImage*, CvMat* or even CvSeq*. The particular array type is determined at runtime by analyzing the first 4 bytes of the header.

IplImage* et autre sont des structures comme celle-ci

IplImage: make struct! compose/deep/only [
nSize [integer!]            ; sizeof(IplImage)
ID [integer!]               ; version (=0)
nChannels [integer!]         ; Most of OpenCV functions support 1,2,3 or 4 channels
   alphaChannel [integer!]         ; Ignored by OpenCV */
depth [integer!]            ; Pixel depth in bits:
colorModel [string!]         ;Ignored by OpenCV
channelSeq [string!]         ;ditto *
dataOrder [integer!]         ;0 - interleaved color channels, 1 - separate color channels.
origin [integer!]            ;0 - top-left origin, 1 - bottom-left origin (Windows bitmaps style).
align [integer!]            ;Alignment of image rows (4 or 8).OpenCV ignores it and uses widthStep instead.
width [integer!]            ;Image width in pixels
height [integer!]            ;Image height in pixels. `
*roi [struct! [(first iplRoi)]]   ;Image ROI. If NULL, the whole image is selected    
*maskROI [string!]            ;Must be NULL.
*imageId [string!]             ;" "
*tileInfo [string!]            ;" "
imageSize [integer!]         ; Image data size in bytes
*imageData [integer!]         ; Pointer to aligned image data.
widthStep [integer!]         ; Size of aligned image row in bytes.
BorderMode [integer!]         ; Ignored by OpenCV.
BorderConst [integer!]         ; Ditto.
*imageDataOrigin [char!]      ;Pointer to very origin of image data
] none

Marche trés bien : on peut créer une image ,

exemple: img: cvCreateImage 640 480 IPL_DEPTH_8U 3

mais c'est l'appel vShowImage "Main" img qui plante le système

en c void cvShowImage ( const char* name, const CvArr* image ) ca marche sans pb

Merci aux gourous du rebol et C
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TROUVE : un simple integer considéré comme un pointeur ! CQFD

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