Apology - Looking to set up a REBOL BBS

Please excuse the english entry.

I'm looking to set up a REBOL based BBS here in Canada. I snagged a copy of the RebelBB code and then went to find a copy of RebelBB.r to try and figure out the configuration options. This was before I realized that there may be active passwords in the file.

A read of http://www.digicamsoft.com/cgi-bin/rebelBB.r caused a server loop. The code

do to-file replace copy this-cgi ".cgi" ".r"

seems to loop if the original request uses rebelBB.r

I was attempting this late on March 20th.

Sorry, this was unintentional and at the time I did not realize there may be active passwords in the file, and I hope I didn't cause any server problems on your end.

If someone could post a HowTo guide for configuring a clone of rebelBB I would appreciate it immensely.

By the way, I'll be directing any French speaking clients (especially from Quebec) to the real rebelBB. This seems to be an excellent resource.

Brian Tiffin
btiffin a-t canada.com
Hello Brian,

For settings, and HowTo, Greg could probably help you.
You need a cgi configuration (Apache with Rebol) and a specific copy of rebol.r (for testing purpose).

Welcome Brian,

Don't worry for your read of rebelBB.r, it didn't impact anything. Yes, it contains password to IMAP server on which RebelBB relies on.

As it is now, RebelBB should be quite easy for you to install provided that you have:
- a web server with CGI abilities
- knows which OS your server is running on, so you can upload the right rebol version to it
- an IMAP server, if your web server is hosted by a Web Hosting company, you probably have an email account too and you probably have an IMAP associated with it
- an IMAP account dedicated to RebelBB, this is like an email address, but make sure to get a weird enough name so you'll never get spam to it, a password like name

So, what's in RebelBB.r?

config: context [
         title: "Forum REBOL"
         admin: admin@rebol.com ; an email @ from where threads are sent, can be same as user
         host: "" ; IP address to the IMAP server

         user: account@rebol.com ; account on IMAP
         pass: "pwd" ; password for the account on IMAP

I think it's now time to write a short documentation, I keep you posted, please keep us posted as well on your progress
Hi Philippe,

I'm building the site around Cheyenne. cgi is working, I kobbled together a quicky clone of RebelBB and it's working. But I'd like a little more info before I decide if this codebase is the message board for the soon to be
www.peoplecards.ca webhosting service.

<plug> I plan on offering free (small) rebsite hosting for the faithful. </plug>

Hi GreG,

Thanks...a lot.

I'll be working in this again tonight. The Graphic Designer wants to put a bit more polish on the site before I unpark the domain, but it'll be soon.

Nice place by the way.

Brian Tiffin
Hi again,

Just to avoid any confusion, the above plug is referring to the REBOL faithful

How's the documentation coming along?

Is there a rebol async client available?
Presumably the server blocks imap connections apart from ?
Hi Graham,

Documentation will come, especially since some people are asking for it
There's no rebol async client available for now. DideC will probably be able to deliver one quickly since he did the one for our previous php based forum.
But, I don't know about his priorities, and I think the most important is for now to consolidate the web version.
Server does not necessary block outside connections.
For example, to develop it, I installed a webserver locally and made connection to remote imap server.
GreG. Ok, just wondering about people hacking the imap server if they know the password used by the cgi script.

How about enclosing some vid layouts in the html so we can just parse out the vid and do it
I've tried setting this up using dovecot as the imap server under fedora core 6. I couldn't get Apache to run rebol cgi, but I got it to work under Cheyenne.


But although I can post messages and I can see mail appearing for the user (rebelbb) mbox in /var/spool/mail/rebelbb, the topics don't show up in the html.
I have found the problem I think.

There is this function:

headers2*: func[tid /local server reply][
_date1: _subject: _msgID: _qty: _first: _last: _date2: _size: none
result: copy []
server: send* rejoin ["FETCH " "1:1000" " (BODY[HEADER.FIELDS (DATE SUBJECT MESSAGE-ID X-Qty X-First X-Last X-Date X-Size)])"]

but 'tid is not used.
I presume it needs to be ["FETCH " join "1:" tid ...

as the 1:1000 exeeds the number of available messages for a new rebelBB, and so gives an invalid dataset message from the imap server.

The function 'show-threads has the "1000" hard coded, and this number needs to be parsed out after the "select inbox" command.
show-threads needs to be changed:

show-threads: does [
markup/cmd: "Refresh"
print build-markup markup-commands

qty: talk-imap/open* "INBOX"
hdrs: talk-imap/headers2* qty <== was 1000

So, does it work now?
This IMAP implementation is probably not generic enough, but your change will help make it more generic. Thanks!
Yes, it's working now for me
Spoke too soon :( Each message is now showing up in it's own thread. So, if I have three messages in one thread, I am getting three threads containing three messages.
These feature is already in the Beta release, where tid is a variable.

Hello Philippe,
is your beta release available somewhere on internet ? I'm interretested by improvements you made.
I've fixed my version now in show-threads by removing all the extra thread messages that were showing up.

I guess imap does things differently in different implementations.
Philippe's version will be soon available as demo. I just have to upload it.

IMAP should follow its protocol, and should work more or less the same everywhere. I know in this implementation, my focus was not to make it generic for now. But this will be one of our next goals.

Do you have a list of the goals you wish to reach with this product?

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