AS400 ODBC (user CR8825 ???)
Sorry, I don't speak french.
I new on Rebol; trying to read IBM AS400 files.
Researching the internet, I found a topic where user CR8825 recommends the following:
db: open [
scheme 'odbc
target: "Driver={iSeries Access ODBC Driver};System=xxxxx,Uid=XX,Pwd=xx;"
stm first db

and I'm getting error: "Invalid port spec:".

I have Client Access and some Excel VBA macros that runs ok.

I hope that CR8825 or somebody else can help me.
sorry again; I understand this is a French Speaking Forum

To get files from an AS400, there is several ways.

- The most simple way with REBOL is to use the inner protocol ftp.
- You can use odbc too, but it's not built-in and you need a third-party product. Check to find one or go on (there is a free ODBC driver for REBOL)
Welcome Jorge no arms with you speaking english.

Most of us speak english and many other laguages.

Feel confortable to speak with us any time.
Thanks Shadwolf.

And thanks to guest2; I'll check on those suggestions.
Hello Jorge,

You can read also all the posts on the link :

(issue with the code ftp 250 vs Rebol), and issue with hierarchical representation of files vs #LIBRARY ( site namefmt 1) and codes examples


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