RED any documentation ?
Hi There,

Haven't been here for quite a while.

does anybody have any documentation about the red language ? meaning RED programming language.

hoping this does not go the same way as Rebol chronic lack of documentation which turned away a lot of potential adopters.
Documentation about a running target, that is, a langage not finished is difficult to maintain. As development goes, and changes occur.
So except, the red-lang blog and github wiki, there is no other that i'm aware of.

But, be sure that Nenad knows the importance of docs.
Is he not also called DocKimbel ? :D
More seriously, I second DideC, Red being still a work in progress, documentation will come later.
In addition, Red is a Rebol clone, so many concepts and instructions are shared between the two.
As for potential adopters, in my opinion documentation is not what turned away people. I think the closed source nature was a big minus. In the years 2000, not being open source was enough to push many people away.
Anyway, it's amazing Rebol is used to make a compiler from Rebol syntax to binaries!
Oh...Documentation is very important, it helps in the spreading and adoption of the language. It has to go hand in hand with the development. see the new Julia language, they are at version 0.3 and they have a good documentation already.

from what i've read somewhere (on gitter), it's not a total clone of rebol, even if it is 80% compatible, people will still sweat to figure out what the 20% incompatibility is. Do we know at least what that 20% incompatibility is ?

by analogy if you have to catch a flight, (1) would you not want to know before you go to the airport that the flight is cancelled? or (2) do you prefer to go to the airport and then find out that the flight is cancelled ?

I prefer the 1st approach.

yes Rebol, in addition to being closed, there were people also complaining about the lack of documentation for Rebol. I remember reading a few blogs on various sites.
Still I don't think Nenad plans to leave the docs empty. I think his plan is to first get a 1.0 version, something you can work with, before spending time on docs.
Red 0.5 is not a scheduled flight, I believe.
I know only about 2-3 people with the writting skills and knowledge to write an acceptable Red reference documentation, and you can guess they are not available for such quite heavy task. If you have any helpful suggestion about that, I'll be glad to ear it.

So far, my only option is to write it myself, which is quite challenging given that I don't have any spare time at all (though, somehow, I will need to find time for that too).

About Rebol, I don't get why people complain about the lack of documentation, when plenty is available:

The Rebol/Core documentation is quite good and covers pretty much all aspects of Rebol programming. I wish I had a similar one for Red.
not sure myself what is the best way for the 2-3 people to put their knowledge on paper. I don't know what is really happening and how things are organized within the RED team behind the scene.

one thing I can think of...a pedestrian approach , is you already know that RED is 80% compatible with Rebol, why not just describe only the 20% that is different. In this way you don't have to write a full document and could save you a lot of time.

2nd way, is there a way to automatically generate documentation from your RED code , same as javadoc operates (of course within the boundaries of what is possible within the RED context) ?

just my humble attempt how to address the problem.
As for the lack of documentation about Rebol, there were quite a few complaints back then at synapse-ehr site, and at wordpress + some other sites.

2 of them particulary stuck to my mind, were problems about VID documentation + the Database connectivity. I remember these 2 particularly well, because I needed these 2 features the most + multithreading. and were some of the main reasons i did not follow through with Rebol.

I tried looking for those old blogs again but cannot find them now.

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