REBOL with Oracle 19c
Hello guys,

We've upgraded oracle database from 12c to 19c. Rebol scripts that were working now fail to do so.

We're using the following script to open a connection:
open oracle://APPMON:#appmon#@PRODDB to connect but we're getting the following error:
** Script Error: Oracle error: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

** Near: open oracle://APPMON:#appmon#@PRODDB

Using the same user and password from sqlplus works like a charm.

Can you guys please advise on how to tackle this problem?
I'm not an Oracle specialist, but we had the same kind of problem with mySql several years ago.

It's probably due to a new way of making the user/pass encoding in Oracle 19, that is not handled by the old Rebol Oracle protocol.

AFAIK, Oracle:// protocol is a Rebol/command features. And Rebol/command has not evolved since many years, like all Rebol2 based interpreter. It's the problem with messaging language: messaging protocol evolved !

I have no solution, but I think you must have a look in the Oracle 19 configuration to enable old user/pass protocol handling.
But notice that it could make your DB less protected: if the security protocol has evolved, its probably for security reasons

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