Red 0.5.4 est dispo !

On progresse à plus grand pas maintenant.
Bravo Doc!
Bravo pour toutes ces nouveautés. Le GUI n'est plus très loin !
et toujours pas de file i/o ni de network i/o, je suppose ? (cf.
Le support des I/O est disponible via la library de Kaj:

Pour le support final et intégré à Red, ça sera juste après le support initial du GUI.
Oh purée: bravo, les Reddeurs!
Vivement la 0.6.0 !

Finally, the time has come to have official GUI support, and that is what the next release (0.6.0) will bring. Trying to build the GUI engine, the GUI DSL, and the Android back-end at the same time was not the best plan. The development cycle on Android is slow and debugging options limited. So Windows will be the first GUI target, where we can quickly complete the engine and DSL. Then we will merge the Android GUI back-end and toolchain in a 0.6.1 release. Those two releases should come quickly, so don't go on holiday for too long this summer. ;-)

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